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This is embarassing... 
12th-Dec-2014 07:34 am
So I actually forgot my password AND email at the same time thus my inactivity for the last what, year? Yeah, it's nearly a year, hasn't it? How are you guys? I hope you're all doing great. Man I have a lot of catching up to do with all these legacies, hahahaha!! I hope you guys are still interested in the Lubis too, because the kids are uhm...quite troublesome later on in their teenage years.

Yes I'm still playing.

And talk about The Sims 4! What do you guys think of it? I've actually tried it on my friend's PC because my cheap ass can't afford the price. It's really smooth isn't it? It runs without lag and all that, granted it may be because there wasn't much CC downloaded yet into that game unlike the thousands I have in my TS3 folder. The CAS is definitely something new and exciting, I love the new features, I think it made it easier to alter and play around with a sim's features. Although as someone not really inclined to changes, I'm still liking the TS3's system better. Maybe when I get one of those fancy swizzle on my own and get used to it. Maybe.

But I don't know, overall I think TS3 gives a more what, realistic image (?) while still pretaining the game quality that I lov so much. It's like creating characters for MMORPG, you know? It's fun! Though I think if you're into TS2, TS4 is definitely the thing for you because I feel such rush of nostalgia playing TS4 before.

Well anyway, enough of me ranting, I am just psyched to update my legacy again. I'm not sure anyone is still around to read it, but I just want to do it. For me and my babies o w o
12th-Dec-2014 01:51 pm (UTC)
Hi! Wow, has it really been a year? That's kinda terrifying. Would you like to come back into the sims 'book club' group thing? Either way, I'm excited to see the Lubis family again!

I haven't got TS4, but I played briefly with my friend and watch Dan and Phil's series on it, on youtube, and it looks pretty fun but I only play TS3 for my legacy so I can't see it being worth the money. Also the no toddler thing STILL freaks me out haha.
13th-Dec-2014 08:53 pm (UTC)
hello!!! gosh i missed you so much! still reading your legacy but couldn't comment because the whole password fiasco : \

and yeah, it's almost been a year scary how time flies isn't it? last i posted was february and it's already december > . > i'm just very content with TS3 right now and haven't really the desire to play TS4, although all the pretty gameplay pictures from all around tumblr, do tickle my fancy a bit hahahaha AND YES THE TODDLER THING IM SO SCARED

and yes of course!! if you'll have me, of course i'll be glad to be back into the book club thing! :D it's one of the best thing in TS3 LJ community tbh XD
15th-Dec-2014 09:41 pm (UTC)
Aw I'm glad you were still reading :D thanks!
I don't mind playing it, probably wouldn't own it, but there are plenty of legacies and pretty pictures to make me jealous :P
Awesome! Of course we'll have you back :D I will add you tomorrow evening, as I'm preoccupied with exams atm and don't think I have the mental capacity xD It'll all be over tomorrow one way or the other haha

I hope your february-december was good :P
18th-Dec-2014 11:31 pm (UTC)
I am *^* I've grown attached to your babies *^*
iT'S OKAY!! take your time! I'm a bit overwhelmed with life myself so I totally understand hehehe :D how's exam? you're doing good?

oh man, it was hellish but I got by, thankfully. I'm just hoping for a better fresher start come 2015 :>
19th-Dec-2014 12:05 pm (UTC)
I think they went well. I got one result back, 40/60 which was good considering there were so many obscure questions! Plus that puts me on track for about 70% overall, which is nice because I really suffered earlier in the year because of a stupid marker! And the other two went well I think :D I was really homesick but now i'm home, so everything is wonderful <3 You?

Yeah, roll on 2015! Hopefully it'll be a better year then :) x
16th-Dec-2014 04:22 am (UTC)
Hiii :)

I can't believe it's been that long! Weird how time flies. Good to hear from you again!

I have Sims 4 and it's really quite fun! I seriously miss toddlers, that part's definitely a drag. But the graphics are really nice and the multitasking thing is amazing. And the new build mode! Idk, I like it, despite its flaws! I think Sims 3 is still better though, especially because there are so many more expansions and just so much more content out for it.
18th-Dec-2014 11:34 pm (UTC)
I'm still alive!!! :D And it' your birthday today!! omg!! I still can't figure out how to send a private message on LJ so forgive me in advance for saying it here *^*

But HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I hope you have a great year ahead of you, may all of your wishes come true!! Well, maybe that's a bit unrealistic but hey! the world can use a bit more hope!! :D God bless baby doll!! :D

24th-Dec-2014 08:12 pm (UTC)
Awww shucks, thank you for the birthday wishes!! <3 (I believe if you go to your inbox, there should be a button that says "send a new message" or something and that's how you send PMs... but I don't mind this in comment form, either way it's so sweet of you!)
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