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lubis legacy 1.4 
20th-Dec-2014 10:57 am


The kids are growing up now and what used to be and what used to be a large empty house [ at least by their standard ], quickly becomes filled with little feet running around and giggles in the air.

Now both Teddy and Goldie need to watch where they're going but it's a change both gladly welcome.

Teddy : "Come one Eli, you can do it, let's try it again, alright?"

Teddy : "Gasp! Ellised! You did it! You walked to me!"
Ellised : "Hehee, Ewi wawked"

If you think the fire between them had already burnt out, you can never be any more wrong.
Goldie : "Rawr~"
Teddy : "Oooh~ You're frisky"

Goldie : "Let me carry you to bed darling~"
Teddy : "Ooooh, all the gardening has left you strong~"
Goldie : "Yes, because compost lifting is the secret to a strong body."

I saw that coming yes~


learning how to talk~
Goldie : "Say ducky. d-u-c-k, duck. k-y, kee. ducky!"
Erel : "Biba!!"
Goldie : "Uuuurghhh"
Who says parenting is easy?

The new parents are starting to get stir crazy for being cooped inside the house for so long. Sure, flexible working hours makes it easier for them to take care of the kids but that doesn't mean staying inside twenty-four seven is a good idea.
And so they take out their strollers and make their way to the community center, which, coincidentally is only a block away from their home. One of the perks of living in a small town.

They set the kids down to the floor as soon as they arrived.

.....And woohoo in the photobooth.
Why must you woohoo everywhere pixelated couple?

They fail to notice the machine is on. Imagine Goldie's surprise when she walks out to see such sordid pictures welcoming her. She ris them to pieces. Teddy though, thinks it's quite amusing and laughs quietly at his wife. Ah how, sweet it is to call her by that title.

Teddy : "Your mum's really cute, you know? Yeah? Heheheh"
Giggling to himself, he nuzzles his nose with Erel's cute button.

I think Goldie too has evolved so much throughout the gameplay. Before she's just so...selfish and bratty especially around Amelia, bless her soul. And her mind was always set on herself and her paving her career. But now she shares her attention and opens up her world to her sons and husband. Now there are three people living in her heart and she quite likes it.

Teddy catches an unfamiliar face in the bar and invited him to a game of chess. Turns out he and his wife Sherry had just moved to town from the concrete jungle of Bridgeport.
Tony : "Yeah, it's better for Sherry's body to stay in the suburbs where the air is cleaner."
Teddy : "What about your job though?"
Tony : "My company has a branch here so yeah, everything works out just fine."
Teddy : "Hey, we're throwing a christmas party later, you and your wife should come."
Teddy realizes that it's very nice to have another male companion around. The town is a small one and most of the residents are composed of females. The fact that his time is spent mostly in his garden at the house isn't helping either.

But when the new man in town is a famed rock star who even gets your wife's heart aflutter, maybe it's not such a good thing.
Teddy is already regretting his choice of inviting the Hicks.

This is Sherry, by the way. She's cute.

Cutest baby in the world award

While Erel is playing with his peg box, Ellised grows a fondness to the rug and chooses to sleep on it instead. He doesn't even make a sound.

I made a greenhouse for Teddy so he could continue the vineyard. But it's winter so a greenhouse it is. I'd say it's looking very pretty with all these colorful planters :D

He decides to take a dip in the hot tub soon after he's done planting all the seeds in is pockets. And I'm just sitting here wondering why isn't he freezing to death.

Meanwhile Goldie rolls a wish to get a new haircut. So I gave in to her wishes. Work it girl
Goldie : "I'm pretty, no matter how you set my hair up."
Yes, of course, dear.

Goldie was nervous as she walks home, her steps deliberately slow before she finally calls Teddy to the newly built greenhouse. Will he like her new hair? Will he think she's as cute as she thinks she is in this hair? She feels so silly as her heart thundered in the cavity of her chest. She's no longer a schoolgirl yet she's acting like one. Oh SimGod.
Goldie : "Sooo....what do you think of it?"

Teddy : "I didn't think you could look any lovelier but apparently I'm wrong."

Goldie : "Oh Teddy! I'm glad you like it! I was worried!"

Teddy : " Theres nothing to be worried about. I'd love you even when your hair's all grey and well...bald."
Goldie : " That will never happen! "

Teddy : " Aw you're daddy's little boy, aren't you? You're so precious. "

Of course, a good dad will never forget about his other son. And Teddy is a good dad who loves his sons equally.

Teddy : " Uppity up! It's high high! "
Erel : " No. "

Meanwhile mama works on a new novel because papa's new garden isn't enough to keep them all warm and fed u n u
Goldie : " I need to sell a book fast. The garden isn't growing yet and we still have to pay for the house installment. Plus formula for the babies. Uuuurgh this is eating my brains out."
Work hard Goldie!!

Goldie's reading face at its finest.

Goldie: " Oh hey, you're up. I am getting tired of waiting. "

Teddy : " Sorry babe, let me make it up to you okay? "
Goldie : " You better. "

And make it up he does.

Teddy : " Woohoo! I still got it! "
He seriously wooted after woohoo and I can't even react to him anymore.

Teddy : " Shhh ssshhh, here you go baby. "
They have to eat gross baby food that maybe taste bad because they have no money for fancy baby food in glass jars. They spent all their money moving to this new house and invented the rest into the greenhouse.

Goldie : " Hey baby, let's give you a bath okay? Let's get you all fresh! "
I like this shot, Ellised looks so cute, like a real baby climbing his way up to his mama u w u

Goldie : " Tickle tickle, does that feel good? "

Goldie : " I love you too, of course, Erel baby."

Ellised gets potty trained! \ o /

And I'm going to leave you all here with a picture of Erel trying to sumo wrestle a peg box
Erel : " Imma twake you down! "

Yay! I'm finally back! Thank you for reading. This is a bit short, I realise but I'm still easing into LJ writing > 3 <
I have screenshots until all the kids are teenagers so I will be able to update the Lubis while I work on figuring out what's wrong with my save file.
But yeah!! Byebye!!!
Next update, party, party and more party!!

20th-Dec-2014 11:05 am (UTC)
Teddy is such a darling. He's so sweet and funny <3 Such a good dad/husband/friend.
Erel and Ellised are adorable haha :3
And Goldie has definitely changed through the course of the legacy, like you said.
Your pictures make me so jealous, they always look so good! Do you use any mods to make them like that, or edit pictures?
I really hope you get to sort out their file </3
22nd-Dec-2014 10:35 am (UTC)
Goodness, the children are so adorable! These are some good genes running in the family :3

Goldie is so funny and sweet. I love her new hair!

Enjoyed reading about these guys again. Welcome back :D
3rd-Jan-2015 05:56 am (UTC)
What a beautiful family! The twin boys are so adorable and they'll no doubt grow up to be very handsome. Loving your legacy so far, keep up the good work!
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