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lubis legacy 1.5 
11th-Jan-2015 11:01 am
Hey!! I'm back with another update! Gosh this legacy is going really slowly and I'm sorry about that.
Anyway, I'm in Tokyo right now, on my way back home and I managed to sneaked this little chapter in.
I hope you enjoy it!

let's start the update with a very displeased teddy
Teddy : I don't like this present!

Neither did Goldie. They make quite a couple.

Goldie: Urgh! What a lame gift-giving party! Whose party is this, anyway?
Um, Goldie, it's yours.

Teddy decided to open another gift to appease himself. His present was Tony, the next door neighbor who shared a mutual attraction with Goldie. Um....
Tony : I'm not into guys. Sorry Ted.

[ lion king voice ] Can you feel the love triangle brewiiiinnnnggg~

Their party was lame. Weh, big deal. They decided to kick the guests out and make out instead.
I swear all they do is woohoo and makeout.

Sherry : I'm still here, guys.
Get out Sherry, they wanna frick frack.

Hi my name is Fran and I like taking pics of kissing sims through the windows.

i know where this is going. no. stop.

i never screenshot but they went outside to woohoo in the jacuzzi every five minutes im not even lying smh.

Teddy : Scoot in closer, babe, it's cold outside.
No seriously it's freezing outside, why are you guys even using the outdoor jacuzzi im-

Goldie : Oh Teddy, I can't do it! Look at the boys! I'm not cut to be a mother, I'm just gonna ruin it all!
Teddy : Ssssh Goldie, I know you and I know you'll be the best mum the world has ever seen. The way you look at the boys and care for them. They're the luckiest boys on earth.

Gotta love neurotic/romantic sim combination > w < Everytime Goldie freaks out Teddy just swoops in and kisses her

one day goldie just jumped out of bed and ran to the community center. i dont understand sims sometimes…

This would be a cute pic if Goldie didn't look like she's ready to kill Erel.
Goldie : This freaking cutie patoots took like three hours to sleep. Gods, why....

I can't even pick favorites. Both Erel and Ellised are precious
Goldie : My precious~
Ellised : Meeh ~

Teddy : And then the little Piggy ran to the cave right hereee!!!! *tickles tummy*
Erel : HEHEHE!! *gigglesnorts*

Birthday time!!
Erel goes first!

Your face.

Goldie : Mummy wishes Erel all the happiness in the world~
Erel : Sparkly!!

Erel : Aaaayyyyy sprakly fart!!

Goldie : Oh baby you’re growing up so fast *sobs* before long you’d get a girlfriend and leave home and-
Erel : Mom stop.
Teddy : The sooner you get used to this, the better, son.

Ellised's turn!! Look at that cute lil Erel all changed into his courtyard crown ; w ;

Aw cutie ; w ;
Not sorry for future face spam tbh

Congrats on your face

Baby went outside because there's no space in the greenhouse ; w ;
His fce is so precious

Crossed-eyed baby.
Ellised : Urgh my brother is such a princess.

Playing blocks u w u They're so cute.
Look at how excited Ellised is in his onesie u w u

Stop exchanging flirty glances you're bros knjhbgfd-

Erel : Look! I'm poking my eye with this block! Ouch!
Ellised : What did I do in past life to deserve an idiot for a brother....

Babies rolling wants to tend the garden instead of their children after their birthdays. A++ parenting.

Ellised's the only one who has christmas spirit so he hung christmas lights all over the house.

Waffles and ice cream for breakfast!

Little babies cleaning up after themselves autonomously and mummy being proud u w u

I see no difference.

Gossiping about mum.
Erel approves.

I love his face hhhhhhhhhh

Erel : Do you wanna build a snowman~
Ellised : Come on let's go an playyy~

End product.
Twinsies : This is you, mummy.
Goldie : Is this the thanks I get for birthing you...

Cute booties in onesies.

Goldie doing laundry while everyone's asleep.
Goldie : I better get a breakfast in bed for this.

i expanded the house ♡

They still spoon when they sleep u w u


Goldie doing the mandatory torch holder's toilet unclogging.
She's still writing children's book btw ♥ Gotta work on that LTW.

Talking to plants because no onw would talk to him. Poor bby

Cute bathing baby. Look at his precious face u w u

Erel : This plate is almost as nasty as the breakfast I just ate. *continues to judge*


Teddy : So what are you drawing son?
Ellised : Pizza.
Teddy : O. That's very uhm...artistic.

Makes you wonder what Erel saw through that peeping hole...

Playing GTA after being grossed out by the naked old lady next door.

Speak low when you speak love
Our summer day withers away too soon, too soon
Speak low when you speak love
Our moment is swift, like ships adrift, we're swept apart too soon

Slow dancing to their song u w u

Their moment was soon disrupted by Goldie stepping on Teddy's toes though.
Goldie : Oh My Plumbobs! I'm so sorry! I'm such a klutz! I'm sorry, did it hurt, I'm no-
Teddy : Ssshhh it's okay, Goldie, you weigh a feather at most.

Erel : Imma study before school starts.

Gardening session soon turns into make-out session.
Ellised : Ew nasty.

Ellised : Can I join you? You're right, they started being gross with each other within the five minutes.
Erel: Told you.

Ellised : Ah, much better.

Okay!! My plane is here! Better go fast!!
*Need for Speed OST playing in the bg*

11th-Jan-2015 03:16 am (UTC)
Aww...the twins are so cure together! Building a snowman <3 Sucks that some random sims just came and destroyed it. Teddy and Goldie are so sweet together, Teddy is so perfect for her. Seasons looks like so much fun to have - so many adorable interactions xD Great chapter, I can't wait to read more!
11th-Jan-2015 04:59 am (UTC)
Ahhh those are the cutest little beebs ever! I love the twins <3 Goldie and Teddy are the cutest even if they do want to garden instead of socialize with the bambinos ;P

Cutest family!
11th-Jan-2015 03:07 pm (UTC)
Those people destroying the twins' snowman are assholes.. How dare they! What dicks.
Teddy and Goldie together are the cutest ♥
Poor twins having to watch them make out all the time though. Snow angels are definitely the better idea. Such sweethearts, aww ;_;
11th-Jan-2015 07:16 pm (UTC)
OMG how are all your sims SO cute??? Gosh I just love all of them, the twins and teddy and goldie and AH<3
And your house is so gorgeous, you decorated it so well! I love love love it. I have to find out where you got all your CC, and steal it all xD I love their little greenhouse, and the living room and the little desk and the fireplace with the plants on it and the stack of books with the music player on it and just all of it!
Loved to hear from this adorable little family again <3 The boys are growing up so fast!
11th-Jan-2015 09:29 pm (UTC)
"Hi my name is Fran and I like taking pics of kissing sims through the windows." I mean, that describes a good 80% of us on here. x)
Also, oh god, I can't ever get over how beautiful and cute your game is.
buaaah, the boys are so snarky and funny.
Also, Goldie is a hilarious mum.
Ugh, I missed this family :)
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