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3rd-Feb-2014 08:06 pm - sim dump (´ω`★)

hello! i have been in a sim-making mood lately and honestly, i wouldn't have any use for them, so i thought, why not share them with you guys? :D
Think of it as a late new year gift and/or birthday present if your birthday is somewhere in january/february XD
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2nd-Feb-2014 10:17 pm - lubis legacy 1.2

hello all! i'm back with the third chapter of the Lubis Legacy! Again, I'm going to wish you all a very happy new year!
This chapter might be a tad bit long but I can't help myself >.>
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31st-Jan-2014 01:04 am - happy new year!

I know for some of you it's already been a new year for a month.
But for me, new year has just begun!
That being said, Happy Chinese New Year everyone!!
I'm wishing you guys a lot of luck and good health this year as well!
May the new year treat you kindly!

27th-Jan-2014 03:02 pm - lubis legacy 1.1
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23rd-Jan-2014 12:20 am - lubis legacy 1.0

I've been so much in love with this sim, Goldie that I decided to start a legacy with her c:
I guess we'll see how well this goes!
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9th-Jan-2014 11:06 am(no subject)
how do you livejournal?
darling jemm, i will try my best to follow your path and make my lj blossom with fanfictions when i figure this thing out ♥
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